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The WAI Initiative was birthed from the desire to see minority youth thrive and become the leaders that they're destined to be. They must be infused with the knowledge that they are greater than the labels that society has placed on them and were created to do more than merely exist. They need to know their value is more than the names on the tags of their clothing and their worth far exceeds anything they may purchase. They have a contribution to make to their families, communities and to the world. They only have to realize it.


The WAI Initiative was designed to do just that. To assist youth in answering one of the age old questions…Who Am I?

OUR MISSION: Through curriculum-based, youth-centered programming and intensives, The WAI helps to enrich and empower youth with the tools necessary to help them understand who they really are, and recognize how to use their gifts and abilities on their journey to greatness.


Use of the arts and creativity are proven outlets which aide youth in identifying their strengths and gifts. Providing a healthy environment for self-discovery through artistic and creative expression, self-esteem is built and character is developed. This, paired with mentoring and training, will no doubt help youth realize their true identity. These efforts will allow them to recognize and unlock life patterns of defeat and destructive practices while providing ways to discover themselves.




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