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A Girlfriend's Brunch founded by Tonya Baker & Chandi Bozeman, is more than a brunch for women--it is a connector of women. AGB was birthed out of a series of "girlfriend" trips. After much acquiring from several other ladies, Tonya and Chandi decided to create AGB as a means to help women to be authentically themselves by discovering their purpose.


A Girlfriend's Brunch has reached hundreds of women in the greater Ohio area. This women's event has served as a lunch & learn some may say; offering not only food for the stomach but food for the soul.

OUR MISSION: To help women identify the beauty of their uniqueness one layer at a time.

Women, while very complex creatures, have served as a  bridge for generations. Connecting us as families, communities, and people of faith. The diversity of women is what empowers them to reach into some of the darkest places and discover beauty and create life.

AGB offers the opportunity for women to self-reflect while ultimately providing resources to help them confidently rest in the magnificence that God has created them in. We look forward to seeing you soon as we prepare to come to a city near you!

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